Buy Diamonds With Us

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Simply put we have best diamonds in the world. Our family has been in the diamond business for nearly a century and through all that time we have built connections all over the world, including diamond cutters, jewelry manufacturers, expert gold and silversmiths, and everything in between. Our business, while located in Lake Forest, Illinois, is a global one. We travel all over the world in search of rare and beautiful stones. What we discover we bring back and add to our famous collections.

Our diamond inventory is extensive. We stock all sizes and shapes of diamonds to make sure that we have what you are looking for. The best part of this for you, the customer, is that we have the ability to give better deals on our diamonds. But don’t just take our word for it. Come in any day at any time, that we are open, and see for yourself all the diamonds that we carry. Nearly a century in the diamond industry and we can confidently say that if you buy your diamond from Lake Forest Jewelers you will get an amazing deal.

So please peruse our website, our Instagram, our Facebook page, and see what we are talking about!

If you would like to call us for more information our direct line is 847-234-1034 or email us at